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Buying a home thats over 300,000 in Fargo Moorhead? Existing homes are the best bang for your dollar.

In a nutshell: If you find a new construction home that you really like and its priced at $350,000 and has $40,000 in specials, you will want to compare that home to existing homes priced around $420,000 or more to be comparing apples to apples, and heres why...

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Mortgage interest rates going up slowly in the Fargo Moorhead home market.

I don't think anyone is happy to see rates going up in the FM housing market but lets keep this in perspective. The bright side of 

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Modern Market Realtors NO Administration Fees or Hidden Fees!

As a buyer, you don't pay any Realtor fees, at Modern Market Realtors our professional services to you are 100% FREE! Get the inside scoop on the NEW "gotcha fees" being charged to buyers and sellers all over the FM Area - when they least expect it! Look out for...

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